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  1. Monica Clyde says:

    I live in Oakland, CA and have a mature locust honey tree in my front yard. A problem: it begins losing its leaves, big time, beginning the end of July and by the end of August its leaves are almost all gone. Climate here is typical Bay Area: fog in the morning, moderate temperatures throughout. The tree does not get separate watering, but gets some moisture.
    Do you know have any suggestions? Is this typical.
    Thank you, Monica Clyde

  2. gary shamblen says:

    Don’t care for Honey Locust in West Virginia. All those sprouts coming up are very troublesome. I dug mine out with tractor and loader, (it was ugly). The root system was unreal, and unless that is all removed more sprouts come up. It is no good for posts or beautification, just a nuisance.

  3. Jenny says:

    We googled to try and find what tree with spikes was behind our tent at the south kettle moraine forest campground and we happily found your website! Funny read! My kids enjoyed your description & love of this particular tree. Thanks!!

  4. Dan says:

    My backyard is filled with honey locusts. I love the dappled shade they give. BUT, we are having one of those prolific seed pod years and they are impossible to move with rakes and leaf blowers. If I had a simple way to vacuum them up, I could dump them in the back meadow for the deer and everyone would be happy. Do you know how people remove these ubiquitous pods? Thanks.

  5. Karan Wood says:

    Loved your CP reference at the end of the article on ecosystem dynamics! What are you doing these days? Do you still create content for Biology Dude?

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