I thought it might be prudent to share one of the major inspirations for this website.  While I was working this past spring, I began to listen to the WNYC Radio Lab podcasts.  Very excellent show.  They deal with all of the craziest science questions and mysteries in an enjoyable and understandable format.  But, in between their regular episodes they had a short that they called “Tell Me a Story” where one of the shows hosts, Robert Krulwich, gives a commencement speech to the 2008 graduating class at Cal Tech.  Needless to say, it made me feel a bit guilty.  So, I figured I would do this.  I can write reasonably well, I know a lot of stuff, and the world needs more people that can be the conduit between the science and the masses.  I grew up with role models such as Bill Nye the science guy, and Steve Irwin.  We need more people like them, people that can share the wonderful world of science and nature to the public.  Science isn’t cool anymore like it was, we need to reach people.  This is going to be one of the most important challenges of our lifetimes, and we need to rise to meet that challenge.

2008 Caltech Commencement Speech (Robert Krulwich)